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Conscious choices, we all try to make them. Your guests are more and more looking for vegetarian and vegan dishes on the menu. And you make their choices easier by making your menu more sustainable and less wasteful. 
 At CHAUD DEVANT, we're also working to reduce our carbon footprint and make our collections more sustainable. To make finding these eco-friendly items a lot easier for you, we have created the FEEL GOOD label.


  1. Pants Parsley Black
    Pants Parsley Black
    As low as € 108.84 € 89.95
  2. Blazer Rosemary Black
    Blazer Rosemary Black
    As low as € 139.15 € 115.00
  3. Dress Camomille Black
    Dress Camomille Black
    As low as € 72.54 € 59.95
  4. Dress Jasmine Black
    Dress Jasmine Black
    As low as € 180.90 € 149.50
  5. Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Sand LS
    Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Sand LS
    As low as € 79.80 € 65.95
  6. Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Navy LS
    Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Navy LS
    As low as € 79.80 € 65.95
  7. Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Moss
    Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Moss
    As low as € 66.49 € 54.95
  8. Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Black
    Chef Jacket T-shirt Valente UFX Black
    As low as € 66.49 € 54.95

How we make you feel good

All items with the FEEL GOOD label meet high quality standards and have the wearing comfort that you are used to from CHAUD DEVANT chefwear. The fabrics are made with care and are still heavy duty resistant.


Discover what makes the FEEL GOOD items more durable.


Tencel, also known as lyocell, is a natural synthetic fiber made from the wood pulp of the eucalyptus tree. The tree grows quickly and needs little water. Which makes it more durable than cotton. During the production process of this fiber, most of the water and solvents are reused. The fabric feels soft, breathes well and is extremely resistant to bacteria.


Waste2Wear fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles, among other things. These bottles are first shredded into small pieces of plastic and then heated briefly. The resulting material is woven into the polyester that we use to make our Recycled Plastic Bottles collection.


For the production of the thread of 2Life, the plastic of PET bottles is reused. In addition, during the production process water consumption is consciously handled and energy is saved. Combined with Tencel, the result is a lightweight jersey fabric that is flexible enough to move with you.

Sensitive ® Fabrics

The entire Sense collection has been given the FEEL GOOD label. All fabrics of this collection are produced in Italy. This company has many eco-certifications and sustainable business practices. For example, they use less water, less chemicals, reduce waste and lower their CO2 emissions in the production of the fabrics.