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Pure Denim
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Pure Denim Collection is strong, raw, and has character. That’s why it’s the perfect blend of fashion and workwear. Real denim is alive! The more you wash it, the more it comes to life. Wash and treat it as you want. Pure Denim takes on your identity. Besides Indigo Blue and Antra there are beautiful earth shades: green, grey, brown and mud. Be daring and combine the style that fits you. Everybody loves denim! The Pure Denim collection is not suitable for industrial cleaning.
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Chaud Devant has developed a collection that is perfectly in keeping with Scandinavian style: Forene. The name is Danish for 'to unite', and has been chosen because we have combined our sleek Denim models with rugged leather straps.

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BIANCA VAN DER LEE wins Amsterdam Entrepreneur Awards

Bianca van der Lee, founder and CEO of chefwear brand Chaud Devant wins the Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award 2017. She designs, manufactures and produces corporate clothing for the hospitality industry. Read The Whole Story


We are pleased to announce that Chaud Devant is now one of the official suppliers of the 2018 MICHELIN guide launch events in Great-Britain & Ireland, Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg and The Netherlands. In recognition of the starred chefs and those who are inspired by their talent, the Dutch company Chaud Devant has joined forces with Michelin with its in-depth expertise in advanced ground control to create a new safety shoe equipped with a Michelin technical sole. Read The Whole Story


During their traineeship in Tokyo, Rudi van Beylen and Filip Claeys saw how selfish their Japanese colleagues could be. Fish of lesser quality is exported and the best fish is kept for themselves. Filip, who grew up in a fishing family, immediately saw how crazy it is to send second-rate fish to the other side of the world, especially to a country on the North Sea. Read The Whole Story