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Freedom of movement is the most prominent feature of the FX collection. The entire collection is made of lightweight fabrics, both with and without texture. This fabric is made of Tencel® and polyester produced from recycled plastic bottles. The combination of these materials is not only environmentally friendly, but also ensures that the fabric dries quickly.
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Freedom of movement is the most prominent feature of these lightweight shirts. Unique to this design is the jersey back. This fabric gives you unlimited flexibility and is also quick-drying and crease resistant. The collection is available in five colours and can be styled in different ways.

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Filip Claeys about Not Sea Chefs

We have to learn how to eat what the fisherman catches and not let him fish what we want to eat, says the slogan of North Sea Chefs. Filip Claeys tells in our video about the origin of North Sea Chefs, and why it is important that this organization exists. Read The Whole Story


He's a chef, but you could also call him an inspiring thinker. An innovator. A warrior. A team player. A Dutch master. We're talking about Joris Bijdendijk, Michelin-star chef of RIJKS*, the restaurant at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. "We need one another to form a whole. It takes quality products to make quality dishes." Read The Whole Story


What does it take to get a man out of his clogs after 30 years? A pair of Michelin shoes. We talked to two-star chef Claude Bosi about courage and team spirit, about Bibendum and Michelin, about magic, colour and light - and of course, about the shoes. Read The Whole Story