Bianca van der Lee of Chaud Devant has won the 10th edition of the Amsterdam Entrepreneur Awards 2017. Van der Lee started in her student days with a one-man business in Amsterdam and now conquers the world with trendy chef's clothing. In ten years she is the first female entrepreneur to win this award.


The idea for the trendy chef's clothing came about twenty years ago when Van der Lee had a job in a restaurant. When the cook tore out of his pants one evening, Van der Lee wondered about the old-fashioned model of the trousers. She bought some fabrics on the Albert Cuyp market and designed a chef pants in jeans model. It marked the beginning of the Chaud Devant brand, which refers to a slogan from the French kitchen and means "On the side, I have something hot in my hands." Twenty years later, Van der Lee has become a serious player on the European market. Chaud Devant is active in more than twenty countries. The head office is located in Amsterdam. Twelve employees also work in a social workshop. Van der Lee impressed the professional jury with her total range of catering company clothing, in which she designs and produces everything under her own label. Her clothing is worn by many top chefs, who also act as brand ambassadors for her company.


Van der Lee was chosen by a professional jury and by 1,500 entrepreneurs in the RAI from a top 3 of finalists. The Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award is the reward for the Amsterdam entrepreneur who excels in creative and innovative entrepreneurship. The prize was awarded for the tenth time on the initiative of the City of Amsterdam, MKB-Amsterdam, Rabobank, Het Parool, De Ondernemer and Marktlink. With as many as 91 applications. Never before so many entrepreneurs competed for the Amsterdam Entrepreneur of the Year title.


Van der Lee received the award from Oos Kesbeke from Kesbeke Fine Pickles, winner of last year. Earlier winners of the Amsterdam Entrepreneur Award were: Henk Janssen from Lightwell (2015), Henk Jan Beltman from Tony's Chocolonely (2014), Philip Hillege from Skin Cosmetics (2013), Duncan Stutterheim from ID & T (2012), Ralph Cohen from IceMobile (2011) , Felix Guttman of Canal Company (2010), Maarten Beucker Andreae of TTY Internet Solutions (2009) and Atilla Aytekin of Triodor Software (2008).