He was already the sous-chef before he graduated. And after being active on Instagram for less than a year, he already has 15,000 followers. How social media gave the life of Gunter Paffendorf (26) a turbo charge.

"I have been cooking since I was 15 years old and worked in seven restaurants already, but I only completed the training last year. A year ago, I started to use Instagram to show the dishes I made on my off days at home. When I understood that you also had to include hash tags, the flood started. I got hundreds of followers by mail, including the chef at Dining 56 in Arnhem who offered me a job as a sous-chef. Together, we placed the restaurant even firmer on the charts, resulting in a nice Gault Millau listing. In the meantime, I carry on with Instagram. The dishes I post, I now make on my free Monday at one of our suppliers, using their products. I do that without any preconceived plan. Although I do feel everything has to be edible and tasty, so no dandelion just because it looks good. I also use a maximum of 5 ingredients and a restrained colour palette or just a single hue. The responses are heartening: from questions to recipes to job offerings from Dubai or Asia. I rejected a fantastic Dutch offer because I am extremely happy at Dining 56 and with the chef, we want to lift this restaurant to an even greater level. In addition, I would like to first follow a number of short courses at star restaurants. Those contacts I also got via Instagram."