Aside from chef jackets, bib aprons, pants and hats, we felt it was time for something new. And what was still missing from our collection? Chef footwear! Together with MICHELIN® Technical Soles, Chaud Devant took on a new challenge: to develop safe, comfortable and modern footwear for chefs for use in the kitchen and restaurant. The result? The GT1pro Magister. 

In designing this footwear, the working environment - the kitchen - was an essential consideration. In kitchens, people work with water, liquids and sharp objects, and their footwear needs to be geared to this. MICHELIN® Technical Soles has therefore developed a sole that is extremely slip and water-resistant to prevent slipping on slippery kitchen floors. To make long days at work a little more comfortable, we have included a comfortable insole with supporting Poron®. The shoe also has a lightweight aluminum safety toecap to protect your feet. Even the design of the GT1pro Magister is based on the kitchen. Italian designer Rucky Zambrano created a sleek, no-lace design, so that as little dirt as possible sticks to the shoes, making them easier to clean.

Where does the name GT1pro Magister come from? Michelin gave its mascot a Latin name, Bibendum, and this is what inspired us to use a Latin name for our shoe collection as well. 'Magister' is Latin for 'master' or 'teacher', a fitting name reflecting this shoe's top quality. Top chef Sergio Herman is also an absolute master. In all of his restaurants and food service concepts, he has inspired a wide range of chefs, many of whom now boast their own (Michelin-starred) restaurants.