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Apron Forene Blue Denim W70-L50

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The Apron Forene is inspired by style trends in Scandinavian countries. This light-brown apron allows you to create a sleek minimalist look. What makes the Forene Apron so unique is the combination of denim and a leather belt. The belt is easily adjustable and can be removed from the apron for washing. Care instructions: the leather straps aren’t made for industrial cleaning. They can be cleaned separately with a damp cloth. A neutral soap, such as a green soap, can also be used for cleaning the material.
  • Removable fastening
  • 3-pockets
  • Main fabric/Hoofdstof/Tissu principal/Hauptstoff/Tejido principal/Tessuto principale:
  • 100% Cotton/Katoen/Coton/Baumwolle/Algodón/Cotone
  • Removable straps/afneembare banden/Bandes amovibles/Abnehmbare Bänder/Cintas de quita y pon/Cinghie rimovibile:
  • 70% Cow leather/Rundleder/Cuir de boeuf/Rindsleder/Piel bovina/Pelle bovina
  • 30% Polyester/Poliéster/Poliestere
  • 360 gr/m2
  • Article with removable fastening.

Pure Denim Collection is strong, raw, and has character. That's why it's the perfect blend of fashion and workwear. Real denim is alive! The more you wash it, the more it comes to life. Wash and treat it as you want. Pure Denim takes on your identity. Be daring and combine the style that fits you. The Pure Denim collection is not suitable for industrial cleaning. Please note that denim may bleed. Avoid contact with light-coloured furniture or clothing.

Chefwear & Service Wear

For a proper treatment of your chef's outfit, please refer to the care label with washing instructions at the inside of the garment. We recommend that you wash the garment before first use: at 30 degrees on a short program with a small amount of washing detergent. Choose an anti-wrinkle program if possible. Wash colored garments separately. To preserve the press buttons on the chef jackets, they should not be pressed in the laundry.    


Good maintenance will result in long-lasting use. Clean your shoes regularly with a brush and a little warm water. We recommend treating the shoes with a neutral shoe cream, lotion or wax. Never use colored products. Dry the shoes without exposing them to the sun or a heat source. You can clean the white rim with natural soap and water, but make sure not to apply the soap to the leather. The best way to store the shoes is to place them in a shoe bag or box in a dry, well-ventilated place.


The traditionally crafted Leather70 collection is made of 70% leather and 30% polyester,making the products rugged, durable and easy to maintain.Leather is a natural product that grows more beautiful with age.Keep in mind that the dyes in new leather may transfer to other fabrics. The leather may also give off fibres.These are not material defects, but due to the natural properties of leather and, as a result, are not considered a complaint. These issues will disappear on their own over time.

We recommend that you do not wear light-coloured clothing under Leather70.Also, keep this product away from fire.

To maintain Leather70 products, clean them with a moist cloth, with or without green soap.The detachable straps are made of 100% polyester and can be washed separately at 30° C.

  • Made in Europe
  • BSCI certified
  • Based in Amsterdam
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